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Excited for another wife sharing xxxperience
Just thought I'd share how excited I am that the wife finally agreed to do another 3some with another man! It's been 2 years since I last shared her and this will be our third time. The last 2 were with men close to our age (white) with huge cocks (1st: 7" 2nd: 9"). Although both were erotically fun, you can tell they were more in it for themselves rather than her. This upcoming one we're doing something a bit different. I'm sharing her with a much older man who is old enough to be her father. No she doesn't have daddy issues lol. We spoke with him a bit and he's convinced that we can make it all about her and says from his experiences he can show us things he's learned with age. Just thought I'd share!
That sounds promising! Do share the experience!
LOL I am almost excited for you guys.
Tell us the outcome of the adventure would love to read about it!
Anonymous User
Sounds great! It has been a while since my wife and I had our 3some (MFM). She is hesistant to try it on Guam since word seems to spread quickly around here. I know she will be willing to try again if we were off island because she keeps reminding me that she would love to travel again especially to Amsterdam where the deed was experienced.
these are the things we still only fantasize about
So did it happen?
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Top still testing upgrad...
Top so what's the plan
Top I am curious
Top with who?
Top Welcome and thanks f...
Top Welcome!!!
Top admit what?
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Top Sure you can. Anyone...
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07/18/2019 22:23
It's been a while!

06/11/2019 15:35
hello everybody

06/09/2019 20:53
How's everyone doing?

05/03/2019 17:26
Education is golden, go for it!

05/02/2019 11:34
Been a minute! College is kicking my ass right now.

04/05/2019 15:50
Hey Stubby what's new

04/02/2019 07:08
Wassup yall been absent for a minute but just stopping by saying hello

03/19/2019 02:39
And to the few in the last 3-4 months have decried about PM requirements, read this please!!!!

03/19/2019 02:24
I did, but it was chopped into 3 videos I guess.

03/16/2019 17:29
Did anybody snag the uncensored streamed video of the mass shootings in NZ? I heard the gunman streamed on social media/Facebook but all got taken off..

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