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join the site and share private erotic photos of your wife, your fuck sessions, your kinky adventures with other couples in your bedroom. I want to share my and wife's secretly erotic and naughty marital adventures with others from Guam and the islands. And I know damned well we're not the only couple who've engaged in the ultimate taboo!
For the Naughty at Heart
Where are the true, private, naughty, erotic islanders? Are you one? Really? Register/login only if you are! No I don't sponsor a site where the world gets to see your and our business. Voyeurs who simply want to see and hear about others, without partaking themselves, stay out! Those who think they might be interested if they see what's going on first, keep moving along - you ain't getting to see much.

This is only for those who show and share at a commensurate level with others. I took the first step in offering a place to share... you need to take the next step. Call it a leap of faith. Don't think you can? Then don't hang around because you're not capable of being in the moment with us. I purge the registrations of those who just want to lurk and don't have the naughty streak to truly join in our fun. Just so you know!

But... if you're a real, feet on the ground naughty islander, the invitation's on.
Aguaguat.Net Stats
The site (excluding the PRIVATE MEMBERS section) currently has 47 News items, and 25 Articles. In the downloads section there are 0 Downloads, and in the photogallery we have 1602 Images. Our video gallery currently has 10 Video Clips. We share 11 related Weblinks. In the forums there are 218 Threads, from members who posted 782 forum posts. The site has 40 Registered members , who have left 94 Comments so far.
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Video Gallery is Broken
1891 38 MrTisu
10/23/2017 03:36
Of her daughter I think
Open To All
132 6 MrTisu
10/23/2017 03:35
Tell Your Story, but be con...
691 9 sierra96le
09/25/2017 03:13
PRIVATE MEMBERS -- what it'...
What's your Story?
65 0 hashbud
09/24/2017 09:01
Taking it in the ass for th...
Open To All
560 4 Azuca
06/18/2017 17:46
Get with the program Regist...
Open To All
488 2 jman
06/18/2017 17:26
Real talk here - how would ...
What's your Story?
489 5 Sinfully_Erotic
06/08/2017 05:15
Women's Sports at its finest
Open To All
928 4 sierra96le
06/07/2017 16:13
And we all know women play too
Open To All
390 1 sierra96le
06/07/2017 16:09
Truism as a question... lad...
Open To All
380 3 normajean
06/06/2017 03:45
Boo! Happy Halloween
It's Halloween! Get your scary naughtiness on...
Slit rock
ChatterYou know how they say a picture paints a thousand words... well this one paints a thousand thoughts, and apparently these ladies agreed and endorsed the sentiment!
NEW Registrations/members show some higher IQ
NewsI have to shake my head and wonder if there should be an IQ test before approving registrations. Gee people is it really that hard? Read on if you're smarter than what your registration and member profile paint the picture to be....
Real Deal Group created
NewsA new group called REAL DEAL group has been created. It's primarily to accommodate a certain 'revealing yet not Private Member level' sharing.
Its intent is to
Content is visible to registered members only.
as well as the singles/no spouse members who otherwise want to upgrade to something as close to Private Membership as can be revealed. The membership/groups article is updated....
For the non-participating 'RESTRICTED' group members..
NewsI'm making this NEWS post since a good number of members in the RESTRICTED group will probably not be able to login and read the PM I sent to them coz they'll already be deleted... if this is you, read on.
Still More Oldies/Goodies from old Blog
NewsI never finished moving all content, and will be a while before it's done. So just FYI... Those who have been around a while will notice familiar posts, videos, albums, etc..
What we think of you Lurkers!!
Newsposted on the old blog by Jack Daniels aka 'Jman', and the sentiment holds true... So, lurkers. Visitors. Registered Restricted members. Shoe fits.
Mona Roberts in the Sports section
AdultSunday's PDN sports section has an article about Mona Roberts (married name is Rich now). Who remembers her from her bodybuilding glory days? Who remembers her from her "personal" web site? The article.. posted... and then link to photo albums of images from her site... both delightful I'd say... :3


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10/19/2017 01:26
we have a forum thread about this topic you know...

10/14/2017 13:10
dude go back to da blog already

10/05/2017 11:23
tryna do some tweaks to this old outdated site. post something if you see problems please..

10/02/2017 21:17
issues... ongoing issues. we'll see...

10/01/2017 03:01
I noticed that. All good?

09/27/2017 15:30
yes, site crashed for a day.

09/25/2017 03:12
if you saw it on the web publicly, take it for what it's worth. Same with all those tumblr web pages. awesome for entertainment value but for genuine islander realness, who knows.

09/07/2017 12:51
without verifying ID, who knows

09/04/2017 07:51
as in real guam girl or no? fb profile to verify? etc.

09/04/2017 07:50
does anybody know the lowdown on the realness of some vids of a savannah jean flores quenga? real or no?

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