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join the site and share private erotic photos of your wife, your fuck sessions, your kinky adventures with other couples in your bedroom. I want to share my and wife's secretly erotic and naughty marital adventures with others from Guam and the islands. And I know damned well we're not the only couple who've engaged in the ultimate taboo!
For the Naughty at Heart
Where are the true, private, naughty, erotic islanders? Are you one? Really? Register/login only if you are! No I don't sponsor a site where the world gets to see your and our business. Voyeurs who simply want to see and hear about others, without partaking themselves, stay out! Those who think they might be interested if they see what's going on first, keep moving along - you ain't getting to see much.

This is only for those who show and share at a commensurate level with others. I took the first step in offering a place to share... you need to take the next step. Call it a leap of faith. Don't think you can? Then don't hang around because you're not capable of being in the moment with us. I purge the registrations of those who just want to lurk and don't have the naughty streak to truly join in our fun. Just so you know!

But... if you're a real, feet on the ground naughty islander, the invitation's on.
Martin Luther King Holiday Pause
How Do YOU Celebrate Martin Luther King Day?! Okay, totally politically incorrect, I know. DILLIGAF?

Anyway click on the pic for the original size view to 'celebrate' !!
Video Gallery is 99% Back
I surprised myself in having the time recently to go thru all the videos that were in the video gallery and add them back in within a few days. Well, that after taking a long time to truly get started. For the benefit of those who do not see all categories because of group access shortcomings, here's a screenshot of the gallery (read more):
PV access
Not that there's any backlog in requests to be added to the PV group... but for those whom this may apply... PV group access add-on will come only if you're already in Private Membership and maybe RealDeal. If you're not straight up enough to join us in sharing who you and yours are in Private Membership, then I'm not going to trust that what you may (want to) share in PV group is true, real and genuine. I know what I do share is genuine, and so I don't want to reveal anything in the PV areas to people who may have questionable intent.
Rebuilding the video gallery
I know, I know, I'm going sooo slow. I'm doing it as I have the time, enough privacy, and uninterrupted time to reload all the videos from the video gallery. Life in general continues to preoccupy me...

One thing of note. I did lose all the data on the videos of who uploaded/submitted them, titles and descriptions. Also, pretty important, what videos were deemed by the uploaded to be for higher level group access (private member files excluded since it is on a totally separate space and passworded from access). So if you see your video and it requires more restriction than what I reloaded it into the gallery for, tell me ASAP. Or even if not, tell me which one(s) you uploaded and I'll change the uploaded credit info to you.
Rollback on that Wordpress plan
Okay, this is getting old but I've decided to stay on PHP-Fusion. The merge of two WP blogs into one caused problems for some reason and I just don't have the time, patience, or deep diving knowledge of how to backtrack on the problem. I thought about installing yet another WP instance and start out with a clean install, but I'd still have to either merge/import the posts from this site and the two other blogs or hand jam moving stuff one by one (fuck that!).
Web Site... woes
Few are likely paying attention, but for you few who are I thank you. Specifically, following some of the site issues going back and forth in one of the forum threads. I've been working on some stuff... and shit just gets deeper and deeper.
Good girls can be naughty too
Something to get your other half to think about and act on
Slit rock
You know how they say a picture paints a thousand words... well this one paints a thousand thoughts, and apparently these ladies agreed and endorsed the sentiment!
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01/15/2018 19:28
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01/13/2018 10:12
Ahh Christmas and holiday p...
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12/28/2017 14:52
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12/05/2017 05:53
Video Gallery is Broken
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12/03/2017 17:14
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12/02/2017 21:11
Miss Guam World 2017
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11/26/2017 06:18
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11/20/2017 03:35
Excited for another wife sh...
What's your Story?
418 6 hashbud
10/30/2017 09:49
Of her daughter I think
Open To All
442 6 MrTisu
10/23/2017 03:35
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I was thinking in the "Wishlist and Peeks" Folder. Just something I saw on FB

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Enufsed1221 where do you want it posted?

01/07/2018 16:31
We are looking for a female third!

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HB I did

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who uploaded the facebook peek photo?

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2gether671 I PM'd you.

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We are going to Kentos tonight.

12/28/2017 19:33
how do i get involved with all the other groups

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ho ho ho where da ho!!!

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