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Changing website is inevitable

If anyone noticed, the site was down for a while today. That's 'coz I updated the underlying PHP code version to the latest 7.2 which, as everyone should know, should be done (keep up with latest version) in order to keep the place secure. WELL... this old and outdated version of PHP-Fusion does not run on PHP 7.2 as I found out. So I had to revert back to the older 5.6.

That said, I continue to push the move to a Wordpress blog and will dump this version of the site. The link to the already installed blog is or

Follow to the blog if you're so inclined. You'll have to register all over again since the member database isn't the same, nor compatible for me to just switch the database over. If you're a higher level member, let me know on the blog when you've registered and I'll bump you up accordingly.

Not everything on this site is on the blog yet as you can tell. But eventually it will be and this will shut down, or repoint to the blog.


Previous related discussion in the forum was about moving from PHP-Fusion platform to something else, namely Wordpress blog. The time is coming. Flip flop on the plan to stick it out with this software. I don't see any near term finalizing of the updated version to this PHP-Fusion. I installed and played around with the version 9 that's remains forever in beta or whatever state it's in, that is not final release. Meanwhile because of that, many security/member group related add-ons, written by third party programmers, are not updating their add-ons until they see the final updated product.

To me this causes security issues. Some of the code used is getting outdated and failing. It's a matter of time before security holes become apparent. Fuck that, can't afford that in the private member area. We're moving and that's that.

So, if you're interested in following along, stay tuned. I'll be posting the link to the new blog site and invite current members here to register at the blog site.

Reply with something, anything, if you are in fact interested....
#1 | kinkychad on 01/24/2018 18:08
done, thanks
#2 | justblazzin8 on 01/25/2018 01:11
thumbs up
#3 | sierra96le on 01/25/2018 14:20
let's do it. Privacy is important!!!
#4 | Nic on 01/27/2018 13:57
ok change is good! so things going to start moving over there, videos pics etc.? can we go register now?
#5 | hashbud on 01/28/2018 11:10
Moving content yes. Login, soon. Soon.
#6 | hashbud on 03/05/2018 04:13
Here's an experiment in member paying attention. Here we go. The eventual Wordpress blog destination is or Same blog, two pointer addresses.

It's a different site so different database so existing user logins here can't be migrated there. That means you have to register new. When you do that, PM me on this site or post a private blog post on the blog that you've registered, what your username is on this site (if you didn't use the same username for me to know who is who) etc.. I'll check what access you have on this site and add you to user groups on the blog that have been created ion the same way for access.

I will let this comment sit until the day I turn this site off completely. Once I d that and there is no way to reference back to this site for your login profile access info, and you later register on the blog and claim to be so-and-so with this and that higher access, well you know what they said to the tuna in the Starkist commercial... sorry Charlie..
#7 | jman on 04/01/2018 18:44
I'm there.
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04/17/2018 16:49

04/16/2018 18:36
careful, methinks there are bogus registrations going on... who is from Talafofo and spells Talofofo wrong? !ok!

02/23/2018 19:32
I didnt get any emails

02/23/2018 16:56
I emailed Sinfully_Erotic to tell him his inbox is full.

02/21/2018 23:23
tried to pm Sinfully_Erotic, inbox full, swinger party happening?

02/01/2018 14:16
The parties are the last Friday of every month.

01/29/2018 07:44
sinfully_Erotic, when's the next one and I'll put a banner on the front page for it.

01/28/2018 11:49
i just saw message of swinger party just now and i missed it

01/26/2018 13:25
Swinger Party tonight

01/23/2018 13:59
if you're paying attention, read the latest news post "Changing website is inevitable". Login first, to see it on the page.

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