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Posted by normajean on 06/06/2017 04:05

I have sat here for almost 30 minutes reading rereading and debating to and if so how to reply to make it progressive, here goes. I know you count me as one that will respond unlike 90% of the membership.

hashbud wrote:
People of many apparently different mindsets tend to find their way to this site with an array of curiosities and experiences. Yep that's a statement that's a 'no duh, no shit' warranted response, I know. However, over the years and now more recently, which is one reason why I'm posting this, there have been questions have been posed by curious people to me about what if someone joined who was this relationship to you, what would you do? How would you feel? How would you react?

And I wonder many times why people 'find their way' here only to do and say nothing.

hashbud wrote:
I take this in the context of not knowing beforehand who people who (request to) join the more 'sensitive' levels of member groups, until the request is made and content is uploaded. So partly to see what membership and visitors alike's tendencies are toward it, seeing as how a few get apprehensive and afraid about certain topics. Also too, the topic does fit the theme so is fair game discussion.

That too. I think my motto or rule would be if you think you have too much to 'lose' by sharing, then bruh you have too much to lose to just be on this site, move on then. Truth be told you ain't got any more or less to lose than many of us who are here and being a part of it. You just gotta to do what you gotta do to be in a group level that pacifies your concerns. If there are none that will, then, as said before, move on.

hashbud wrote:

Okay, so people have asked, what if someone requests to join and in doing so I find out it's someone like a cousin or a cousin's spouse, a close friend, my brother and his wife or brother-in-law and my sister. As a result of a recent discussion too, someone even asked what if my adult daughter or son and wife. Extreme questions. I have my ready answer but have never replied with it to those who asked.

So, in the interest of discussion since, as Nic has been probing us all about there being very little of, I pose that question to y'all. What if you (being sarcastic to those who are not private members) got the balls one day to be real and became a PM, and either discovered upon joining or someone joins after you, a relative such as the above mentioned is in the membership?

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