Web Site... woes
Posted by hashbud on 11/20/2017 20:00
Few are likely paying attention, but for you few who are I thank you. Specifically, following some of the site issues going back and forth in [b][u][url=http://www.aguaguat.net/aguaguatfusion/forum/viewthread.php?thread_id=336]one of the forum threads[/url][/u][/b]. I've been working on some stuff... and shit just gets deeper and deeper.
Extended News
A few of us have been talking about this site running on its current PHP-Fusion platform, and it's old. I love PHP-Fusion and prefer it for its content management system. But running on aging software increases the odds of either hack attack or the programming/code gets outdated and dropped from use and shit starts to malfunction. It's already happened a few times with the site and errors continue to be a problem on some of the stuff running on here. The latest upgrade release has been in development for years... years. And still no release date. I installed the most recent stable testing version to see how it looks and if it's worth continued waiting. I'm not sure I like it, and all the add-on plugins that I've added to the current v7 version will also have to be rewritten to be compatible with the new v9 once released. There are timeline issues with that in and of itself.

We've run on Wordpress before, and the old aguaguat.net Wordpress versioned site remains up and running but has not been updated until recently when I decided to look at falling back to it. Now... there are problems with it!!! I'm not a programmer or coder, so trying to figure out all the intricacies of what problems may be is both a challenge and a risk of me fucking it up even worse (in fact I think I did something to muck it up and don't know what the fuck I did!!!!)

[b]SO[/b].... I think I'm going to go with another Wordpress blog I installed some time ago that I use for my own private ideas and thoughts, and move the aguaguat.net content to it. It will be another domain name, and not www.aguaguat.net. I think there is reason to shed the aguaguat.net domain too, for reasons I would explain in one-on-one inquiry/answer only if anybody's interested.

There's a ton of moving to be done so more on it all later.... but, since this site has 99% lurkers and lookers and no real players (players as in site participants, not swinger/sex players), suffice it to say I'm thinking about user invitations to the new site and the new domain revealed only to those who show any interest and have done any participating. So feel free to reply/comment to this (below) and show your interest if you intend to stick around.