Upgrade notes again ~ READ if you don't want to get confused or lost...
Posted by hashbud on 04/21/2019 05:19
[color=#ff3300]I finally got this site's software on a 'temp fix' version that is bare bones compatible with PHP version 7.x, so it didn't die in January/February whenever that deadline was. But.... it's a temp fix only. There's a more durable version of PHP-Fusion, v8.00.xx (several fix iterations of that too) that came out.[/color]
Extended News
[color=#ff3300]I haven't tried upgrading this site to v8.00.21 yet but have had success with upgrading other projects. I'm happy yet not with results. That's all I'll say about that.

I have also decided that continuing to pursue PHP-Fusion's evolution and upgrade trail is very, very, very painful. Too painful for me for more than one project. So, over time (not sure what kind of timeline), I am going to move pertinent content on here to the Wordpress blog site 134144e.net. Then this site will go down and the aguaguat.net domain will repoint to 13n144e.net as a mirror domain.

Comment if you're active on here and give a shit....[/color]