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Registrations MUST adhere to these requirements, or otherwise will not be accepted.
  1. Location (city/State) information must be complete.
  2. City/State of origin must be complete.
  3. All other required information must be complete and not be simply "BS".
  4. I may email you at the email address you provided to ask you what your association, connectionl or affiliation is to the island(s) as well as possible theme related questions. You must answer if you expect registration approval.
I do this to ensure no spammers and other undesirables get in...

  1. This is a personal site, privately owned, run, and supported. Do not expect any conformance on my part, or the part of anybody else posting content, to any commercial standards of content, service, or products. The quickest way to get deleted and/or blacklisted is to attempt to tell me what I should or shouldn't do on MY site, or demand something.
  2. Sharing photos/videos, etc., by all registered members is solicited. No freeloaders, no leeches, no mooching and lurking. Shit or get off the pot. You understand that failing to do so will eventually get your membership suspended, banned, or deleted.
  3. The intent of this site is to share REAL, fully disclosed and revealing, identifiable, erotic adult photos and videos of members at PRIVATE MEMBER group level. Real life, real people... and not the anonymous game playing most are used to. This is the ONLY group/member level that allows you to be heard in having a say in your shared/uploaded content.
  4. Any content you post OUTSIDE OF THE PRIVATE MEMBER GROUP areas, and any content you post/share that does not qualify to be PRIVATE MEMBER group content, is made without reservation by you. That means if you post something, don't complain and cry later to have it taken down because of some story of being found out, or someone in the content didn't agree to it, etc.. Once posted, it's on the site. Period. Now, I will move said content to a higher level to further restrict it from outside view.
  5. Sharing of content outside of PRIVATE MEMBER group areas are not my primary interest or intent. They are also not verified or given much credibility. Therefore, none of it will be held contestable as to copyright questions, ownership, etc.. I do not question who uploads/posts it nor if any persons depicted consent. Consider this site a property rights DMZ. You breach this agreement, and the only action I will take is delete/ban you for violating this agreement.
  6. You agree *NOT* to post any disparaging, flaming, or contentious content beyond friendly disagreement with others.
  7. You agree not to register, login, or otherwise gain access to the site for the purpose of posting, soliciting, or spreading unsolicited advertising, better known as SPAM.
  8. You agree not to misuse or abuse any part of the website, its domain name (such as by using our email) in any way.
  9. You agree to read and understand all site information regarding site use and rules in the articles, FAQ, discussion forums, etc..
By obtaining a webmail account at, you agree to abide by several usage conditions:
  1. You must provide your permanent email address in order to request an webmail email account. By permanent email address, I mean the email address provided/assigned to you by your local ISP. No not gmail, Yahoo, hotmail, or other free web based account. I mean the email address from your cable, telecom, or other local internet service provider (Guamtel, Oceanic Time Warner, Comcast, HawaiianTelcom, Docomo, etc.).
  2. You will not use the account for spamming, false representations, or other dishonest, disparaging, or antagonistic purposes. This is why #1 above is required.
  3. You understand that the site manager/webmaster/owner of will send 'keep alive' email checks to all webmail accounts to find out if accounts are actively used/checked by account holders. This will be in the form of a simple email ultimately asking if you are still acitvely using your account. If you do not respond to the email, the assumption is made that you have abandoned your account and it will be deactivated and deleted.
Also understand that your registered account may be deleted, blocked from login, or banned at ANY TIME after your registration if you show no indication of interest, participation, or contribution to the site. Again, no lurkers and freeloaders are welcomed here.

Do not register or login if you do not agree to ALL of these terms and conditions.