Yeah, What The Fuck page, more commonly known as the site’s “About” page for those that have to know.

This is my private storage and sharing place. Store and share the innocuous and benign things with ADULTS. Mature adults. Real adults. Share the more private, personal, and real stuff of like minded members in PRIVATE. And one on one in SECRET. That’s all. Beyond that I share different degrees of “about” details depending on whether logged in and group access level, so I don’t have to “reveal” in more than one place. That said, this page is worth revisiting if reading as a visitor, as a registered and logged in member, and as PRIVATE/SECRET group member. Any visiting, lurking, trolling types who don’t register don’t need any information about my blog beyond this.

This isn’t a bluff site like many over the years who visit, register, and then flame out (original Guam Private Pleasures, old islandflavors, and islandadults sites) thought. It’s always been real, at the most real level, for those who are willing to be real. No bluff, no suckering and reneging. This also isn’t a view first and see everything, then decide to jump in and join. You join with all in intent. FIRST. Can’t do it? Move on then!

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