In a Nutshell

I store and share my collection of very intimate and sexually explicit photos and videos of my precious Chamorrita wife. She is not only my best friend in the world, my personal confidant, life partner, and the mother of my children, she is also my most private and personal slut. I have her act the slut as often as we can as the mood hits. She lets me take photos and videos of her totally nude and in the most nasty positions. She spreads her legs wide and shows me her cunt, holding her labia open to reveal her pink inner love tunnel. She plays with her dildo and lets me watch her stroke herself to orgasm. She talks so much fantasy on camera, telling me how much she loves cock, bigger cock than mine. She fantasizes about fucking our high school friends and becoming my pass around slut among our male friends. We already share our private content with one high school friend who has shared in return video of him jacking off to her and talking nasty to her. She has fucked other men while I watch and coach her, encouraging her to him them cum inside her pussy. Telling me while the other man is deep stroking her how much she loves the dick she’s getting. We laugh that I’m taking her to the other man’s apartment to breed her like a bitch in heat. The thrill of the taboo part of letting her fuck other men, of her lusting for other cock, is like no other. She and I are from Guam. The strong Chamorro and Catholic culture in which were grew up in is smothering and shaming, but that makes our taboo deeds so thrilling and erotic. Letting other men climb between my wife’s legs and help themselves to sex. Her so willingly and invitingly opening her legs to accept other men to have sexual intercourse with her. She loves playing the whore. She truly enjoys playing the part, to the point of even enjoying having the men call her a slut and a whore. It intensifies her sexual excitement. As for me, my dick gets so hard when my manhood ego is violated with wife my telling me another man has a bigger cock than me, goes deeper into her pussy than me, touches her in places my small cock can’t, and that another man is better than I am between her thighs. Not just telling me, but having me watch as she thoroughly enjoys another man. She fucks him for hours, with me waiting until they’re done so I can get mine after he’s done. And for the most part at that point, she is letting me put my cock in and cum because she has already been satisfied. Sometimes before I can do that I lie on my back and she straddles my face, to have me taste her cunt after another man has been fucking and cumming in it for hours. Yes, I lick, suck, and drink all their combined juices as I jerk my dick.. he telling me i an almost half chuckle/laugh that she’s married to a man with a smaller dick than what she likes. One of her favorite booty call large cock friends used to come over almost every week for over two years, and she was a kept wife with two cocks doing her.

Now, her agreement is to allow me to share our secrets, and her photos and videos, with other men to slowly expose her as the bedroom slut that she is. I want a small circle of people from Guam to know what we do, know what my Chamorrita wife looks like doing nasty sexual things, to be known in a tightly guarded circle of friends as the whore of our school class. It is such an erotic turn on to see an old friend between my wife’s legs, gyrating and thrusting into her, with her thrusting back moaning and almost crying out in pleasure, their hands all over each other. Him kissing and liplocking, seeing them pull back and tongues thrusting all into each other’s mouths. I go to the foot of the bed and crawl up between their legs to view closely his cock like a piston in and out of her vagina, her lips pulling on his shaft as he pulls out, then thrusts hard and deep again making her squeal. Oh, then to hear him start to grunt, asking her if she wants his load, and she beams up to look into his eys and tells him to cum deep inside her. He thrusts and grunts several times then holds pelvis to pelvis as if to make sure none of his semen drips out while he empties his balls into her. And she tells him she feels his jism deep inside. After a few more moments kissing, holding deep inside her, he disengages, his spent dick pulling out and dropping out of my wife. She holds herself open and asks me to come look closely at my wife’s cunt. Her labia is red and swollen from the hard fucking, his semen starts to ooze out. I go up to look and she tells me to taste his sperm mixed with her fuck juices. I slide my cock into her and feel how loose and wet and sticky he hole is, and it turns me on. I fuck her hard and fast as she tells me how my cock feels smaller inside her, asking if I can tell someone bigger has been in her, telling me to cum so he can get back inside her. And it happens,the continue to fuck more. In the videos I have of her she tells me, talking into the camera, how she loves being a slut, reciting her full name and where she’s from on Guam with the intent that anybody who watches the video will know who she is, where she’s from, what family clan she is (you know how that is with Chamorros making that family link), where she graduated from and what year (classmates link), and how she loves being a slut. People think I’m bullshitting when I tell them my lovely wife reveals herself like that. They just don’t know. If they would ask a classmate who has had her, they’d know.

You would never know from how she and we grew up. She went to catholic school growing up on Guam and was prim and proper like any good girl. until high school that is, after we started going out in our early years and by sophomore year I was getting under that catholic school uniform skirt and she started loving to fuck. Before school on the way to drop her off we would stop off by the beach, pick a place to park under a tree, and we would fuck. She would spend the day in school with my cum oozing out of her high school pussy. After school I would pick her up and again we would find someplace to fuck before I dropped her off at home. In the course of our dating we’d fuck in all kinds of places in the car. Windward Hills at base 18 atop one of the hills. Parked at Nimitz Hill at the lookout by Maina (our favorite secluded spot). Dark baseball fields at night like the one in Nimitz Hill by what used to be fleet weather central now a DODEA school, or the one in Toto under a growth of bamboo, or Mangilao field. Fort Apugan in Agana Heights, in the single parking space around the far and dark end of the parking circle was a favorite. There was an abandoned house down Toto-Kanada Road we used to parked at in the late evenings. We skipped her high school senior prom at the Hilton in Tumon since we had her brother’s Chevy conversion van with a bed in it, and with a classmate of hers and her boyfriend, we drove around the island swapping off who drove and sat up front while the other couple fucked on the van’s bed. I think we parked for a bit in Umatac at the lookout, Inarajan pool parking lot, of course Talofofo Bay, so both we and the other couple would fuck together. Separately but at the same time I should say. After high school I left Guam and she stayed behind, waiting for me until we were ready to get married. While I was gone she missed getting dick and soon she was fucking a married coworker from Nanbo Insurance. That told me how much she loved dick, no need to date and have a boyfriend behind my back, just someone she can go to for a good evening fuck was all she needed. Fairly regularly from what she tells me! And then another man she worked with doing Guam census, he showed interest and after one dinner they were beachside at Paseo with him sitting on a rock and her with he pants pulled down riding his cock. She fucked him a few more times in his car, and bringing him into her bedroom when her parents took a trip off-island. With the insurance agent co-worker she loved that he enjoyed eating her pussy. With the census fuck buddy she said his dick was curved like a banana and she loved that feeling of his cockhead rubbing the top of her inner cunt. I asked her if she sucked their dicks and her response was of course. All this I found out after we married and left Guam. 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Naturally, it was when she fucked him that she made me wait until they were done fucking and she was thoroughly sexually satisfied by him that I would have my turn. She also did him without being on birth control or him wearing condoms, so after a while the expectation was she would get pregnant by him. I’ll leave that to blog posts to tell that story.

Then came my fantasy of sharing her with our high school classmates who have never in their wildest dreams would know their former junior high school classmate was a slut, nor envisioned seeing her nude. Hell, what if the female classmates found out my wife was such a slut! I did share our videos and photos with one classmate, who has known her since 7th grade and I known since we were maybe 9 or 10 growing up in the same village. It blew his mind and he was so horny to see her videos. He was so turned on he did a video of himself jacking off and talking to her thru video, and showed her what he looked like shooting his cum. She loved it and wanted to fuck him. But geographical separation prevents that so far. But the time will come when all we’ll need is a couple of private hours in a hotel room and I will watch a good old friend fuck my wife. This time no pretensions, she wants to perform as his whore and he wants to make her suck his cock like one, calling her one. I will have her lie back on the bed in the hotel room and spread her legs wife and invite him to look at her. I want him to acknowledge by addressing her by her full maiden name that he loves looking at her as a whore. And after that I’m hoping word will get around via whispers to the other guys from school that my wife is an easy fuck and that I am sharing her with whoever wants to fuck her. There’s a joke we always refer to about a husband telling the wife to tell him something that will make him both happy and sad at the same time, and she replied honey you have the biggest cock of all your friends. We laugh because that’s what I want, except I know I won’t be the biggest. I just want her to be able to know how big all my friends’ cocks are and say she has fucked them. For my friends to be able to say they have all taken turns fucking my Chamorrita wife. And it will make me feel happy and sad at the same time. Happy and horny while feeling my male ego pierced with my wife copulating with my friends. That feeling of male humiliation of being cuckolded is what makes my dick hard at the same time.

So that said, other real Chamorro islanders have shared in return for me sharing our secrets with them. Nasty nude and fuck action photos and videos. I love seeing other Chamorros the same way. Not anonykmous internet people, but real people I can easily run into publicly. Some even friends on Facebook and other social media as a result of sharing. So I can look at the photo albums and see their wives in family situation with their kids, among friends and family at gatherings. And know what their wives look like with no clothes on and their legs spread. Some of the wives have no clue that I know what their cunts look like being filled by their husbands or someone else. My wife certainly doesn’t know who and how many out there have seen her. Part of the thrill is attending a party and not knowing who in the crowd knows she’s a slut and has seen her in action. So when a male friend or acquaintance of mine smiles, hey babe there might be more to that smile! Buut only those who share their secrets get to see and know ours. When she starts fucking our high school friends, the stipulation will be that I’m there to watch and do videos. Full recoignition of who is fucking my wife. So that they don’t go blabbing to the world about my wife, lest their wives find video of them fucking another woman…