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I’m going to post this for the benefit of those on the outside looking in. Or trying to look in anyway…

Why Not Show Off Your (and your partner’s) Erotic Side? Let’s put the prudish front and denial mode aside for a minute, shall we?

Yea I know how island guys are (I’m one). They love to get into kinky porn mags and videos, they will fuck almost any willing woman any chance they get, wives’ friends, friends’ wives, etc.. They’d love to come across an xxx-rated picture spread of an island girl. But the thought of other men seeing their wives or girlfriends? Much less seeing their wives or girlfriends enjoying sex with someone else? Oh, no, not that, never! How about the countless women who slut around in real life, the wives who have affairs behind their husbands’ and boyfriends’ backs? The women who introduce their 4-5 kids to people and seemingly proudly point out that each child is of a different father? But try to suggest pictures or videos of them doing what they enjoy most and they suddenly become frigid virgins?

Let’s take this couple I know (my own story is similar). They spent some time in Europe, and while there the woman carried on an affair with another man, a black guy. This went on for a long time, and her husband was never the wiser. It wasn’t until they left Europe and came back to the islands that the husband found out. You can imagine how pissed he was. But he didn’t dump her and they’re still together, tho he still holds it against her.

This says a few things … One, he may have been pissed, but apparently he loves her more than anything else or else it would be too much to handle. Two, he has accepted the fact that his wife willingly and eagerly welcomed another man to fuck her. Three, if she carried on this affair for a long time, she must have made it clear to the other man that he was giving her something her husband couldn’t (probably a better “filled up” feeling seeing as how she was fucking a black guy). Four, the question probably crossed his mind a million times as to how many nights she came home freshly fucked, pussy stretched and thoroughly satisfied, pussy dripping with another man’s cum, yet pretending to be lovey dovey and climbed into bed with him giving him sloppy seconds. You know damned well that in her mind, as hubby was ignorantly humping her thinking he was banging “his” pussy, she was comparing what she’d just felt earlier in the evening with what hubbs is now giving her.

So this husband must have accepted the fact that his lovely wife is really a slut. What would he feel about taking porno pics or videos of her? No? Why the fuck not, she’s already been giving her cunt to another man, why act as if she’s still a dedicated loving little thing? If she doesn’t agree to showing off her sluttiness, why did she so fucking willingly show that other man that she was a whore? Is he afraid other people will find out his wife is a loose cunt? So… she selects who knows. I mean you know damn well she’s told close friends about her affair, especially since the other guy was probably a real good and exciting fuck (or else should wouldn’t have carried on for years).

Now, the other side of the coin. The reverse happens even more frequently. Island men stray all the time looking for pussy. I know of situations in which the husband has a girl on the side and the wife puts up with it… girlfriend calling the wife and arguing about how the woman’s husband loves the mistress more, etc.. But wifey doesn’t leave hubby. Maybe the stigma of divorce, I don’t know. My wife’s cousin, married to a guy I went to high school with, is in that situation. I also know the woman he’s fucking on the side… she’s a wild, horny bitch. That’s what he likes. So why doesn’t the wife loosen up and be the slut he likes? You know damn well he’s comparing the goods.

If you’re still trying to figure out the bottom line, here it is. I want to see islanders, yes you and your wife/partner. In the real. Fucking. I want to see your other half’s pussy. You guys fucking. Maybe her fucking others and you fucking others. Not faces hidden. Not anonymous. Let’s be for real. Go big or go home. Period.

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